Register to vote

You must be on the Electoral Register to vote in all UK elections and referendums, including district, county, Parliamentary and European elections. You are not automatically registered even if you pay council tax. Being on the Electoral Register can also help confirm your residential status for credit checks.

You can register to vote by downloading the electoral registration form (279.0 KB) Word 97-2003 . For electors who qualify as overseas electors or HM Service voters  please use the appropriate forms which you can download from the about my vote This link will take you to an external website... website.

Postal and proxy voting

If you cannot get to a polling station you can apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote. Proxy voting is when you nominate someone else to vote on your behalf. You can download a form to apply for a postal or a proxy vote.

Please send your completed application form/s to the Electoral Registration Officer, using the details in the 'contact us' section of this page.

To vote at the forthcoming European election on 22 May:

Last reviewed: 24 - 04 - 2014

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