What can be recycled in your green bin

The following page should give you a handy guide to what you can and can't leave in your recycling bin. If you are still unsure whether we collect a material or not, please contact us on 03000 610610 or email admin.vale@biffa.co.uk

We do collect:

All paper and cardboard

  • books - only if not suitable for taking to a charity shop
  • catalogues
  • phone directories (including the Yellow Pages)
  • cereal boxes
  • corrugated cardboard
  • envelopes (including envelopes with windows)
  • greeting cards
  • junk mail  
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • shredded paper (loose)
  • tissue boxes
  • toilet roll tubes
  • writing paper


We do collect mixed glass bottles and jars - any colour (and bottle tops, but please separate them).

We cannot collect window panes, glass cookware/pyrex, glasses, broken glasses, light bulbs etc.  

All plastic bags, bottles, pots, tubs and trays (except film):

  • plastic or carrier bags (except black bags)
  • detergent bottles
  • drinks bottles (and tops)
  • food and drink cartons (like soup or juice cartons)
  • food trays
  • ice cream tubs
  • margarine tubs
  • plastic milk cartons and bottles
  • shampoo bottles
  • yoghurt pots

 Remember:  When possible, please remove the tops and squash the bottle to make more space in your bin.


  • aerosols
  • clean foil
  • food tins
  • steel and aluminium food and drink cans (please wash and squash them first)
  • metal lids (bottle and jar lids)

 All these can go in your bin together and should be loose (no bagged materials). It’s best if all materials are clean – this helps to keep your bin clean and reduces contamination of the recycling .  If you fill your green bin you can put extra recycling out for collection next to your bin in either clear or see through sacks, carrier bags or cardboard boxes.

Food recycling

See the food recycling page for information about what you can put in your food bin.

Our new recycling services - small electrical items and textiles

You can now recycle small electrical items and tired old textiles from your kerbside!  Find out more on our dedicated webpage Vale of White Horse District Council This link will take you to an external website... .


Batteries can be recycled on your  recycling collection day.  Just pop them in a clear plastic bag (such as a sandwich bag or food bag) on top of your green recycling bin.

We can collect household batteries, such as 6v batteries, 9v batteries (transistor batteries), D, C AA, AAA and button batteries (watch batteries) as well as mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries and lithium batteries with tape across the terminals.

We cannot collect batteries with trailing wires, car batteries, or other industrial batteries but you may be able to take these to a Household Waste Recycling Centre.  

What needs to go elsewhere

Sadly, there are some materials that we cannot collect.  Please visit our 'what can't be recycled' page for more information.

    Last reviewed: 22 - 08 - 2016

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