What can't be recycled

What needs to go elsewhere

Sadly, there are some materials that we cannot collect.  This is because of a number of reasons, our leaflet (586.0 KB) PDF  has more information about this. 

 You can investigate whether there are other places that you can take them.  For example, if any unwanted clothes or books are in good condition, you could take them to a charity shop or recycling banks.

 Some of the items we cannot take in the green recycling bin include:

Some types of plastic 

  •  video/tape cassettes or their cases
  • CDs, DVDs, and their cases (you could take these to a local charity shop)
  • garden pots/flower pots
  • plastic or metal hangers
  • plastic toys
  • plastic trims, frames, and mouldings
  • plastic film/shrink wrap/bubble wrap
  • plastic wrapping/salad bags/cereal and biscuit wrappers etc
  • polystyrene packing or beads
  • plastic cables/ties/strapping/binding
  • multi-material items – e.g. Pringles tubes, cat food pouches, crisp packets, sweet and confectionary wrappers, tooth brushes, squeezy toothpaste tubes

 Some types of card and paper

  •  foil-backed card
  • card with bubble pack attached
  • card with padding
  • tissues
  • kitchen roll

Some types of glass

  • mirrors
  • plate glass (windows)
  • ornaments
  • car windows

 Some metal bits and pieces

  • paint tins (if you need to get rid of paint, pop some sand in the tin and let it solidify before putting it in your grey bin)
  • machine or engine parts
  • utensils, tools or saucepans
  • wire/cable

Other items we cannot accept in your green recycling bin include:

  • cushions and mattresses
  • ropes and belts
  • carpet and underlay
  • corks
  • kitchen or food waste (visit our food recycling page for what you can do with unwanted food)
  • green or garden waste (visit our garden waste page for what you can do with this)
  • wood and MDF
  • ceramics and crockery
  • soil and rubble
  • nappies
  • dead animals
  • hazardous and clinical waste

Last reviewed: 07 - 03 - 2017

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