Your waste collections at Christmas and New Year

Due to the Christmas bank holidays there are changes to your bin collection days over Christmas and New Year.  

There's also no garden waste collection so we can concentrate on the extra festive waste, but you'll be able to put out extra in a week in May next year.

Click here to find out what day we'll empty your bins this Christmas

Which bin?

Most of your Christmas waste can be recycled.

Put it in the green bin either loose or in a clear sack. If it doesn't all fit in the bin, then put it loose in a cardboard box or clear plastic bag beside your green bin. 

Christmas waste guide

Christmas food waste

Food waste goes in your small food waste bin.  Don't put it in the green recycling bin as it contaminates the whole load, and we won't empty it.  Please rinse out your food trays and tubs - they don't have to be spotless, just make sure there isn't any food left.  

You can now line your food waste caddies with plastic bags including carrier bags, pedal bin liners and bread bags- please do not use black bin liners. Any extra food waste that will not fit in your caddy on collection day can be placed in a bag on top of the caddy for collection.   

Christmas trees (real ones)

If you're a garden waste customer, we'll come and collect it from you from Wednesday 9 January - just put it out next to your brown bin - not in it.  

If you're not a garden waste customer, you can drop your tree off at one of our designated locations around the district for composting.  Visit our Christmas trees page for your nearest location.

Small electrical items and old clothes

You can recycle your old clothes and small electrical items. Small electrical items (eg broken fairy lights) need to go in a small carrier bag next to your grey bin, and clothes and other textiles in a tied carrier bag next to your green bin.  

Snow and ice

If bad weather means we can't empty your bin, please leave it out for three days.  If we haven't managed to empty it by then, bring it back in and we'll empty it next time it's due.  We'll keep our website, Facebook This link will take you to an external website... and Twitter page  This link will take you to an external website... updated with any disruptions.

Last reviewed: 11 - 12 - 2018

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