Play areas in the Vale

Play, sports and exercise areas closed due to COVID-19

To protect our residents and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we have closed all play, sports and exercise areas.

Our parks and open spaces are still open so that people can stay fit and active. Please follow government guidance and stay at least two metres apart, and if the parks are busy, you should not use them.

Please do not congregate in large groups.  Stay in your homes as much as you can to avoid social contact wherever possible.

Thank you for your support in helping prevent the spread of the virus.

These are play areas we are responsible for:


  • Abbey Meadow, OX14 3JD
  • Abingdon Skatepark, Audlett Drive OX14 3PJ
  • Appleford Drive, OX14 2BZ
  • Barrow Hills, Audlett Drive OX14 3YN
  • Berrycroft Play Area, OX14 1JL
  • Cotman Close, OX14 5NH
  • Crosslands Drive Recreation Ground, OX14 1JY
  • Hadland Road, OX14 3XW
  • Long Furlong Open space, OX14 1XP
  • Peachcroft Park, OX14 2RR
  • Sherwood Avenue, OX14 3NL
  • Southern Town Park, Lambrick Way OX14 5TB
  • Tilsley Park, OX14 1PU
  • Tower Close, OX14 5US


  • Fogwell Open Space, OX2 9SF


  • Hill Piece, Chilton, OX11 0SX


  • Coleshill Drive, SN7 7FE
  • Marlborough Gardens, SN7 7DP
  • Pye Street Open Space, SN7 7AT
  • Volunteer Way, SN7 7YT
  • Faringdon Skatepark, Stanford Road SN7 7AQ
  • Folly View, Walker Drive, SN7 7FZ


Wolage Drive, OX12 9FD

Milton Heights

  • Midwinter Avenue, OX14 4XB
  • Stanford in the Vale
  • Forest Grove, SN7 8FA


  • Hamfield, OX12 9RD
  • Humber Close, OX12 7DT
  • Larkdown, OX12 8HF
  • Mably Grove East, OX12 9XN
  • Mably Grove West, OX12 9XN
  • Manor Road Recreation Ground, OX12 8DW
  • Smiths Wharf, OX12 9GY
  • Stockham Park, OX12 9HG
  • Stockham Way, OX12 9BH
  • The Chestnuts Play Area, OX12 7DL
  • Whitehorns Farm Road, OX12 7HH

Last reviewed: 27 - 03 - 2020

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