Play areas in the Vale

These are play areas we are responsible for:


  • Abbey Meadows, OX14 3JD
  • Abingdon Skatepark, OX14 3PJ
  • Appleford Drive, OX14 2BZ
  • Barrow Hills, OX14 3YN
  • Berrycroft Play Area, OX14 1JL
  • Cotman Close, OX14 5NH
  • Crosslands Drive Recreation Ground/Fieldside, OX14 1JY
  • Hadland Road, OX14 3XW
  • Long Furlong Open space, OX14 1XP
  • Peachcroft Park, OX14 2RR
  • Sherwood Avenue 1/Barton Court, OX14 3NL
  • Sherwood Avenue 2/Barton Court, OX14 3NL
  • Southern Town Park, OX14 5TB
  • Tilsley Park, OX14 1PU
  • Tower Close/Ock Street, OX14 5US


  • Fogwell Open Space, OX2 9SF


  • Hill Piece, Chilton, OX11 0SX


  • Coleshill Drive, SN7 7FE
  • Marlborough Gardens, SN7 7DP
  • Pye Street Open Space, Pitts Estate, SN7 7AT
  • Volunteer Way, SN7 7YT
  • Faringdon Skatepark, SN7 7AQ
  • Folly View, SN7 7FZ


  • Wolage Drive, OX12 9FD


  • Midwinter Avenue, OX14 4XB

Stanford in the Vale

  • Forest Grove, SN7 8FA


  • Hamfield, OX12 9RD
  • Humber Close, OX12 7DT
  • Larkdown, OX12 8HF
  • Mably Grove East, OX12 9XN
  • Mably Grove West, OX12 9XN
  • Manor Road Recreation Ground, OX12 8DW
  • Smiths Wharf, OX12 9GY
  • Stockham Park, OX12 9HG
  • Stockham Way, OX12 9BH
  • The Chestnuts Play Area, OX12 7DL
  • Whitehorns Farm Road, OX12 7HH

Last reviewed: 25 - 06 - 2014

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