Disabled parking

How to apply for a blue badge

Visit Oxfordshire County Council's website Oxfordshire County Council This link will take you to an external website...  to apply for a blue badge. There are spaces reserved for vehicles showing a disabled badge in most car parks.

We allow free parking for all disabled drivers of vehicles who hold a valid disabled badge. There are clearly marked disabled bays within each car park. If these spaces are not available, you can park in any car park space free of charge, the only stipulation is your disabled badge must be clearly displayed wherever you park.

We ask all residents to respect the maximum stay times in council-run car parks.

See the table below for information on the disabled spaces available in each car park. 


Number of Disabled Spaces

Abbey Close 4
Old Abbey House 1
Audlett Drive 3
Cattle Market 3
Civic 6
Hales Meadow 2
Charter Multi Storey Car Park 13
Rye Farm 6
West St Helens St 6
Gloucester Street 2
Southampton Street 4
Limborough Road 0
Mill Street (Undercroft) 2
Portway 7

Last reviewed: 24 - 01 - 2020

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