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Minor Land Disposal

We sometimes receive requests to purchase small parcels of council-owned land for use as gardens or for parking etc.

The below Disposals Policy Appendix 2 outlines our procedure for handling these requests, known as disposal of minor land assets, and sets out the process and considerations we will use to assess them. This helps us take a balanced and consistent approach to applications and ensure there are no negative implications for any adjacent landowners.

In certain circumstances, we will not be able to consider an application for the purchase of amenity land, which are also outlined in the below Disposals Policy.

Disposals Policy Appendix 2 – Enquiries for Minor Land Disposals

We may consider requests for the purchase of incidental public open space and areas of landscaping, particularly where it could improve the management of land to benefit the wider public or remedy inconsistencies of past land sales, acquisitions and transfers. Find out more about Incidental Public Open Space Disposals here.

If you have reviewed the Disposals Policy Appendix 2 and would like to submit an application, please complete the Land Purchase Application Form at the link below. The Disposals Policy Appendix 2 includes more details on the application process.


The initial Application Form will incur a non-refundable fee of £250.00. View the Disposals Policy Appendix 2 for more details on fees associated with Minor Land Disposals.