Workplace health and safety

We can investigate some premises that are potentially unsafe for the health or wellbeing of anyone working or visiting there.  We can also take legal action against any business that is breaking the law.

We investigate concerns such as:

  • Serious accidents and incidents
  • work-related illness
  • dangerous occurrences
  • asbestos issues
  • unsafe practices or unhealthy working conditions

Report a health and safety accident here.

Report a health and safety issue here.

Report a piercing health and safety issue here.

What happens after you report a health and safety issue?

Depending on what it is, we may visit the premises to carry out an inspection without warning. 

If we believe there’s been a breach of health and safety law, we can take enforcement action – this can range from offering informal advice to starting prosecution proceedings.

We will contact you directly to confirm what action we have taken. For more information on workplace safety, please read the Health and Safety Executive’s guide.

Your identity

If we pursue legal action to resolve your complaint, your identity may be revealed during legal proceedings. The person accused of neglecting your health and safety at work will have a legal right to know who made a complaint against them if they decide to appeal council action. You could also be required to give evidence if the case goes to court.

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