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Land Availability Assessment (LAA)

The Land Availability Assessment (LAA) was published as part of the evidence base informing Local Plan 2031 Part Two.

We also produced an online interactive version of our LAA.

Submitting Sites

Sites can be submitted to us at any time, and will be considered again in future updates to the Local Plan or by parishes preparing Neighbourhood Development Plans. Sites that are included in the current LAA, and sites that have been submitted to us since then, do not need to be resubmitted. We will include all existing sites in any future assessment.

If you would like to submit a site to us to consider for development, please contact the Planning Policy Team by email: or by post to Planning Policy at the office address at the foot of this page.

New sites must be:

  • Located in Vale of White Horse District Council’s administrative boundary; and
  • Able to accommodate at least five dwellings, or
  • 500sqm of land for employment use, if promoted for these uses.

For a site to be submitted successfully, you will also need to provide the following:

  • Contact details (Name/ Address/ Telephone Number/ Email/ If you are not the landowner, who are you representing?)
  • Site details (Site address; Current/Previous Uses)
  • Landownership details (Name/Address of Owner(s); if different from contact details; Single ownership?;
  • Any other interests – tenancies?
  • An appropriately scaled map clearly showing the boundaries of the site
  • Proposed use(s) (Housing/ Employment/ Retail/ Mixed Use/ Other)
  • Proposed scale (Number of dwellings/ employment floorspace, etc)
  • Information on when the site is likely to become available for development (Now/ 1-5 years/ 6-10 years/ 10-15 years)
  • Information on any known constraints (access/ flooding/ contamination, etc) and how these could be overcome.

Where relevant, we will consider the potential of each submitted site to:

  • Deliver Custom and Self-Build homes
  • Be included in the Brownfield Land Register

We will retain all information received, including personal data, on a single site submission register maintained by the Planning Policy Team.

Further information on the Brownfield Land Register can be found on the National Planning Practice Guidance website, which is available to view here:

Contact us - Planning policy

01235 422600
(Text phone users add 18001 before dialing)

Vale of White Horse District Council
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Abbey Close
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