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Grove Airfield

This site has space allocated for about 2,500 homes and associated services and facilities including a secondary school, primary schools, a local centre, open space featuring a community park, and the realignment of Denchworth Road. This development includes a minimum of approximately 32 per cent affordable housing.

So far, we have granted outline planning permission for the site, as well as permission for several reserved matters applications for infrastructure including internal roads, drainage and landscaping, reserved matters for the first primary school and reserved matters for 593 homes. 

424 dwellings have been occupied on-site as of 6 June 2022.

Application references:

  • Outline: P12/V0299/O – approved
  • Reserved Matters for Housing:
    • P17/V2807/RM (for Phase 1 infrastructure; vehicle, pedestrian and cycle routes and drainage) – approved
    • P17/V2807/RM (for 191 dwellings) – approved
    • P18/V1485/RM (for 119 dwellings) – approved
    • P18/V0339/RM (for 54 dwellings) – approved
    • P19/V2105/RM (for 23 dwellings) – approved
    • P19/V2567/RM (for 37 dwellings) – approved
    • P20/V2994/RM (for 169 dwellings) – approved
    • P 22/V0086/RM (for 197 dwellings) – under consideration
    • P21/V2959/RM (for Primary School 1) – approved
    • P21/V1014/RM (for 1 football pitch) – under consideration
    • P21/V1841/RM (for Phase 2 infrastructure; vehicle, pedestrian and cycle rotes, public open space, landscaping and drainage) – under consideration

Applicant: Persimmon Homes.

Updated 4 July 2022