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Tree planting in the Vale of White Horse

We want to see a vast increase in tree planting across the district, on both public and private land.

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) produced through the burning of fossil fuels, waste, and other materials is the most prominent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. Trees capture and store this gas when it enters the atmosphere and so are vital in helping us to tackle the climate emergency. 

Beyond the many environmental advantages, trees also provide great health and wellbeing benefits for everyone in our community and provide wonderful scenery across our towns, villages and countryside.

As a district council, we will do all we can to support tree planting across the Vale and to encourage residents, community groups and businesses to get involved with tree planting projects.  We also work to highlight the protection afforded our trees and woodlands to ensure they are around for future generations to enjoy.

How to get involved with tree planting

In the first instance, please speak with your local climate action group, town/parish council, employer or business park to see if there are projects happening locally that you can get involved with. 

If you can’t find a project locally, please get in touch with Oxfordshire Treescapes Project, Wild Oxfordshire or The Woodland Trust for advice on how you can start your own project.

If you have a garden, remember you can also plant trees there too, but just be mindful of any impact they may have on neighbouring properties as they grow.

Do you have an idea for a tree planting project?  Here’s what you need to do:

The first thing you need to do is to identify the land where you would like to plant trees.  You’ll need to know who owns it and if that land is available and suitable for tree planting and get agreement with the landowner.  

You will then need to:

  • work out when and where you want to plant the trees, approximately how many.
  • agree who will be planting the trees and responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all volunteers carrying out the work
  • agree who will be responsible for maintaining the trees and the area immediately around them for the next few years to ensure they are safe and will grow well
  • confirm which species of tree you would like
  • find local suppliers to provide young trees, and the stakes, ties and tree protection that you may need – visit The Woodland Trust website for information about their offer of free trees for communities.

Please also see our Guide to Planting Trees for Community Groups.

For details about potential funding which could help community groups with tree planting projects, please see our information about council grants.

Just remember, the tree planting season is from October to March each year, so try to get as much arranged as possible before then, so you have lots of time for planting once the season is under way.

Do you want to plant trees on council land? 

If you are planning a tree planting project, or are just interested in finding out more about tree planting in southern Oxfordshire, take a look at our new Tree Policy for Planting Trees on Council Land.  This outlines how we will protect, plant and manage trees on the land we own, and how we will support you with your own tree planting initiatives.  

If you would like to plant a tree on council land, please contact the Climate Action team in the first instance, including a map clearly identifying the land concerned. Once we have confirmed that the land is owned by the district council, you will be invited to complete and return a third party tree planting application form

For any questions, contact