Material planning considerations

When commenting on planning applications, please ensure that what you say is relevant to planning, as the council can only take into account material planning considerations.

Relevant planning issues include:

  • Overshadowing and loss of light
  • Overdominance
  • Noise disturbance, smells, obtrusive lighting or other impacts on amenity
  • The planning history of a site
  • National planning policies and guidance
  • Regional planning policies and guidance
  • Local planning policies and guidance
  • Highway safety issues
  • Traffic generation
  • Car parking provision
  • Design, including appearance, layout, scale, density and materials
  • Local drainage issues
  • Local flooding issues
  • Loss of important open spaces
  • Loss of important community facilities
  • Impact on important trees
  • Proposed landscaping
  • Impact on the character or setting of a listed building
  • Impact on the character or appearance of a conservation area

This list is not exhaustive but it gives a clear idea of the sort of comments that are relevant to the consideration of a planning application.

Examples of what are not material planning considerations include:

  • Reduction in property values
  • Loss of a private view over land
  • Boundary and access disputes, covenants and other private property matters
  • Questioning the applicant's motives or morals
  • That a planning application has been submitted retrospectively
  • Commercial competition


Last reviewed: 28 - 06 - 2016

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