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Littering, fly-tipping, dumped waste and abandoned vehicles

Littering and dumping waste is illegal and could lead to an environmental or health and safety issue. You can report the following to us:

Fly-tipping and dumped waste

Abandoned vehicles


Dog fouling and damaged or overflowing dog bin

Dead animal on a road or street

Envirocrime Fixed Penalty Notices

If you need to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice then please click on the link below

IMPORTANT: your reference number is the six digit reference beginning with a 6 which is displayed on the Fixed Penalty Notice

Click here to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice β€“ please note, this link will take you to a payment form on our old-style website. It will look a little different to this site, but it’s still an up to date and secure payment form

If you are paying someone to take away our waste, then please read our guidance on how to stay legal if you pay someone to get rid of rubbish