Local Plan 2031 Part 2: Examination

Vale of White Horse District Council submitted the Local Plan 2031 Part 2: Detailed Policies and Additional Sites to the Secretary of State on Friday 23 February 2018 for independent examination. 

Local Plan 2031 Part 2 Examination timetable

Local Plan Submission for Examination          23 February 2018

Pre-Hearing Meeting                                    TBC by Inspector if required

Hearing start date                                       TBC by Inspector

The following documents were prepared for the submission of the Part 2 plan:

The Inspector

Planning Inspector Mr David Reed BSc DipTP DMS MRTPI has been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of Vale of White Horse Local Plan.

The Inspector's task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan, based on the criteria set out in paragraph 182 of the National Planning Policy Framework (the Framework).  The relevant soundness criteria are whether the Local Plan is:

  1. positively prepared (based on a strategy that seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements, including unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with achieving sustainable development);
  2. justified (the most appropriate strategy when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence);
  3. effective (the plan should be deliverable over its period and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities); and
  4. consistent with national policy (the plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the Framework).

For information on what these terms mean and the Examination process, please see our guidance note  Vale of White Horse District Council This link will take you to an external website... .

The Inspector will take account the representations submitted upon the Local Plan as far as they relate to soundness considerations.  A number of informal debates will take place on the principal matters identified by the Inspector these are termed Hearing Sessions. 

Following the closure of the Examination, the inspector, Mr David Reed BSc DipTP DMS MRTPI, will prepare a report to the District Council with precise recommendations, these recommendations may include modifications to the Local Plan, if such a request is made by the District Council. 

Guidance Notes will be prepared by the Inspector to help people understand the process and will be available here in due course.  Any queries people may have regarding the Examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer who will be happy to assist.

The Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, Ian Kemp, will act as the contact for any person who has an interest in the Examination and as a liaison between the Inspector, District Council and Representors.

He is an independent Officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the Examination process.  Mr Kemp is the appropriate point of contact for any questions relating to timetabling or procedural matters.  All statements will also be submitted through him. 

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the Inspector should be submitted via the Programme Officer.

Contact details:

Ian Kemp, 16 Cross Furlong, Wychbold, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 7TA

Telephone: 01527 861 711

Mobile: 0772 300 9166

Email: idkemp@icloud.com

Mr Kemp will be contacting all Representors with details of the Examination process in due course.

Hearing Sessions Venue and Timetable

A Programme for the Hearing Sessions together with Venue details and matters to be discussed will appear here once finalised.


The representations submitted as part of the Local Plan 2031 Part 2 Publication Period can be accessed here:

The Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031 Part 2 and accompanying documents are available for inspection at the Council Offices, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4SB, weekdays from 8:30am until 5.00pm (4.30pm Fridays), and at local libraries across the district.

Evidence Base Documents

In preparing the Local Plan the District Council both refer to and were informed by a number of documents that together form the 'Evidence Base' for the Examination.  These documents can be accessed through the link below.

Last reviewed: 14 - 03 - 2018

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